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PŘEPIS LIMBICKÉHO OTISKU (ve středu 21. 6., 17-22h) - online miniworkshop a vedená meditace.
RETREAT PRO PÁRY virtuálně (9. - 11. 12., přímý přenos z Váňova statku) - legendární víkendový kurz pro páry z pohodlí domova (+ záznam na 6 týdnů). 

I come from a lineage of powerful women

My mother and grandmother did not have easy lives, but their struggles and experiences helped to shape the person I am today, and why I do the work I do.

As you may know, I help people find more happiness and fulfillment in their lives and relationships. I teach them to be in tune with their own bodies and listen to their hearts and feelings. This is something my ancestors were not able to experience, and I witnessed the negative effects on their lives that happened as a result.

My grandmother married young. She never enjoyed sex, and described her first time with my grandfather – which happened the day before their wedding – as “rape.”

When my mom was one year old, my grandmother found out that her husband was about to have a baby with another woman. Needless to say, this was basically the end of their marriage. They divorced few years later, which was almost unheard of in the 1950s.

My grandparents on my father’s side also got divorced, while my own mother divorced twice and and married three times!

Years later, I can see how my family’s pain over these broken relationships shaped my life in a positive way. I started my studies in intimacy and relationships when I was 20 and went through a two-year training program focused on psychology, the body, and sexuality. Instead of avoiding intimacy, which was obviously a painful topic in my family, I chose to LEARN about it.

Because of my background, I am so affected by the pain I see in my clients’ marriages – particularly because this pain is easily avoidable and mostly unnecessary. I’m talking about people who LOVE each other, as my grandparents and parents did, yet do not know how to live happily together. They struggle with misunderstanding, shame, lack of communication, and suppressing their true feelings.

I am passionate about bringing light in the areas of their lives where they are struggling – and helping them form their pain and wounds into love and pleasure.

Statistics for most European countries and North America show that about 50% of marriages end in divorce after only 3-5 years of marriage (which is exactly what happened to my parents and grandparents). After 20+ years of working as a relationship and intimacy expert, I can say that about 80% of those people who grow apart could have lived happily ever after, if only they had known how to connect more deeply with each other and transform misunderstanding and feelings of rejection into more love and passion.
This is what I teach my clients. And it’s what I would love to teach you, as well.

Check out my website to learn more and discover how we can work together to help you and your partner experience more joy and fulfillment not only in your relationship, but in everything you do.

© Mgr. Denisa Říha Palečková, 2020

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Denisa Říha Palečková
Denisa is a love and intimacy expert who brings a totally new approach to the topic of sensuality. She’s on a mission to dissolve taboos around sex and empower couples to enjoy more passionate and fulfilling relationships. Her fresh, down-to-earth approach to intimacy and sensuality helps people experience more happiness and meaning in their lives - by transforming their relationship with their bodies and their partners. Apart from holding regular workshops, Denisa now offers courses online in English and in Czech. Since 2002, she has helped many thousands of people unlock their passions , reach a deeper level of intimacy with their romantic partners, and find their way to a more joyful and fulfilling life.

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