Denisa organize workshops concerned with these topics: holistic sensual massage, love and intimacy, personal development, partnership and communication, self-love and self-acceptance, cultivation of joy and happiness.

CORE TOUCH® I: The School of Holistic Sensual Massage

23.10. 2020 - 1.11. 2020Váňův statek
CHANGE THE WAY HOW YOU PERCEIVE YOUR LIFE. Mindfull and sensitive work with body, touch and intimacy is one of the strongest tools of developing your personal strength, life enjoyment, feeling of your life journey and possibilities that you have in your life. Intensive training for both amateurs and professionals.

CORE TOUCH® II Advanced Professional Training

23.4. 2021 - 2.5. 2021Váňův statek
ADVANCED TRAINING FOR GRADUATES OF CORE TOUCH® I. The training is created for those, who already work as body workers (sex teachers, yoga instructors, psychologists and medical care workers) and for those, who would like to undergo a deep path of self-transformation and to widen possibilities of perceiving and experiencing.