Advanced Professional Training


"CORE TOUCH" = touch the essence, the core of the problem. 

Training for those who want to help other people in the field of sexuality and partnership.
Advanced training for graduates of CORE TOUCH® I: The School of Holistic Sensual Massage

“We grow through pain and suffering, until we find out that we can just grow through love and pleasure.”

Elena Tonetti-Vladimirova

Current course periods:

3. - 12. 5. 2024

Váňův statek (CZ)
Price: CZK 44,000
+ accommodation and meals (full board)
from CZK 11,520

Direct work with the body and sexuality

Through awakening our body and perception of what the body really feels, all the unnecessary build-ups of emotions and unexpressed pain can float away. It is a tension in the body and soul that grew through various harms and traumas from our inner and outer world.

The gentle release of those harms and traumas uncovers that which had been long hidden: The brilliant essence of each of us.

One of the powerful tools is direct work with the body and sexuality by using breathing, touch and movement.

Flowing sexual power – our life energy – helps us to wash away all that is unnecessary and to fully enter the power, joy and awareness of its potential.

Through this work, one notices how his/her boundaries have been extended. He/she perceives much more stability and spontaneous enjoyment in his/her life.

The Holistic sensual massage CORE TOUCH® Training II by Denisa Říha Palečková and Richard Vojík is popular both in the Czech Republic and abroad. 

Graduates acquire not only professional knowledge, but also valuable experiences and irreplaceable insights into personal life. They get to know the vital force of sexual energy in its nature and beauty, with a feeling of embodiment and safety.

Graduates of the training also provide this massage on a professional level in Norway, Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Belgium, Holland, Denmark, England, Poland, Italy, Hungary, Ukraine and of course in Slovakia.

If your answer is YES for any of these questions, this training is for you:

  • Do you want to have a very deep understanding of your body?
  • Do you wonder how to awaken your sexuality in its healthy and wild form?
  • Would you like to help people in your neighbourhood with their partnerships and sexuality?
  • Are you interested in massages and healing through touch?
  • Would you like to inspire people to make changes in their lives through your own example?
  • Are you interested in meditation?
  • Do you want to lead individuals or smaller groups?
  • Are you interested in trans techniques and altered states of consciousness, for example the „Big Draw“?
  • Are you interested in sexual healing of women?
  • Are you interested in helping men with their sexuality: impotence, premature ejaculation?
  • Do you want to know how to find your core erotic theme which creates passion in your body and life?
  • Are you burnt out and are you looking for a new goal in your life?
  • Is the theme of family unfinished in your life?

Techniques that will be taught in the CORE TOUCH® II Advanced Professional Training:

  • 1
    Advanced vaginal mapping
  • 2
    Scar tissue healing
  • 3
    Core cry
    (Elena Tonetti’s technique)
  • 4
    Advanced holistic sensual massage
  • 5
    Theory and practice of working with the pelvic floor
  • 6
    Male and female sexual anatomy
  • 7
    Healing after prostate surgery and female organ operations
  • 8
    Helping women after delivery, healing of birth scars, C-sections, episiotomy
  • 9
    Healing in the field of male and female sexuality
  • 10
    Sex after childbirth
  • 11
    How to overcome addiction to porn
  • 12
    Orgasmic Yoga
  • 13
    Work with emotions
  • 14
    Work with trauma
  • 15
    Work with boundaries
  • 16
    Basics of coaching and conducting a session interview
    (communication with a client before, during and after the session)
  • 17
    Hygiene of the work area, ambience, and hygiene of the body, as well as mental hygiene
    (how to clean and charge your energy)
  • 18
    Limbic imprint recording
    (brain centres, how they work and what they store)
  • 19
    How to use guided meditation
  • 20
    Conscious touch and psychosomatics
    (how to release traumas from the body through conscious touch)
  • 21
    Meditation, conscious self-hygiene and self-reflection
  • 22
    Movement meditation
    (leading of the client to a deeper perception of himself/herself through mindful movement, breathing and voice)



Organisation of the training

  • 1
    Home study
    This part of training starts with Orgasmic Yoga one month before the training. You will share your experience in the online forum for Core Touch Professional Training. The goal is to get to gain an in-depth understanding of your body and to get to know your classmates and to be inspired by new experiences beyond those that you are used to.
  • 2
    Residential 10day CORE TOUCH® Intensive
    The elementary and most important residential part, with massages, courses, workshops, constellations, healings and meditations from morning until night.
  • 3
    Work preparation (2-8 months after the residential intensive training)
    In this part you will focus on how to introduce your knowledge into practice under supervision. You will share your client sessions, articles, lectures and talks, workshops and assistance in the online forum. Thanks to that, you will be inspired by each other as a group, you will learn how to go in-depth and how to correctly incorporate your knowledge.
  • 4
    Gathering of all students
    where we will celebrate the end of the training by awarding certificates. There will also be space for sharing opinions, experiences and information.

Enrolment requirements

The basic requirement for this training is the will to bring benefit to other people.

The training is designed mainly for those who already work as body workers, sex teachers, yoga instructors, psychologists or medical care workers. Nevertheless, it is also recommended for those who would like to travel a truly deep path of self-transformation and to broaden their possibilities of perceiving and experiencing.

The training requires that you have previous experience with massage. Students must be competent and experienced and have confidence in their ability to provide a massage. The ideal input requirement for Core Touch EASE professional training is completion of a 10-day transformational training CORE TOUCH® I:
The School of Holistic Sensual Massage. The applicant should at least have knowledge of

  • Intimate massage for men and women
  • Anal massage
  • Pelvic-floor massage and the basics of bodywork/other types of massages

Vítány jsou také zkušenosti s vedením rozhovorů, koučink, různé formy terapie apod. (není podmínkou). Škola celostní smyslné masáže učí jak postupy a techniky masáže těla, tak intimní masáže. Díky tomu umožňuje absolventům transformační „pobyt“ v prostoru se zvýšenou energií, komfort a přirozenost v přístupu k tělu a intimitě (vlastní i u klientů) a mnoho dalších momentů, podstatných pro osobní a profesní rozvoj.

Experience with conducting interviews, coaching, various kinds of therapy, etc. are also welcome (though not required). The School of Holistic Sensual Massage teaches procedures and techniques of body massage as well as intimate massage. As such, it allows graduates a transformational “stay” in the environment with increased energy, comfort and naturalness in the approach to the body and intimacy (both their own and the clients’) and many other moments that are essential for both personal and professional development.

From our experience, we know that we can proceed much faster and further provided that our students are already prepared and bodywork and intimacy are not new to them. Therefore, we require every applicant to have a certain level of experience in this field. If you are interested in the training and we haven’t met at our seminars or courses yet, you will be able to enrol on the basis of a personal interview with Denisa or Richard, who will assess your readiness for the Core Touch training, or a suitable course of preparation will be recommended to you.

As a student, you need to have an internet connection to be able to join the group discussions, watch videos and study the training materials. 

Recommended Books

Barbara Carellas: Urban tantra
Peter A. Levine: Awakening the tiger
Arthur Janov: Primal healing, The Biology of love and others
David Deida: The Way of the Superior man, Intimate communion, Blue Truth, Dear Lover and others
Diana Richardson: Slow sex


  • Part I – Online home study (3. 4. - 3. 5. 2024)
  • Part II – Residential Core Touch Intensive at Váňa´s farm near Pelhřimov (3. - 12. 5. 2024)
  • Part III – Supervised work preparation (12. 5. 2024 - 1. 1. 2025)
    25 credits gained from sessions and seminars with individuals, couples and small groups


Denisa is an lecturer and speaker from the Czech Republic who brings a totally new view of intimacy and methods for using this area of life for health, happiness, relationships and personal growth. Since 2002, through her courses, talks, articles and videos, she has helped many thousands of people find their way to a more joyful and fulfilling life. She teaches couples how to have a loving and passionate relationship. Denisa is the founder of The School of Happy Relationships, the ARKAYA® massage and educational centre and Core Touch® and training for laypeople and professionals. In her Women’s Workshops, she supports women in their efforts to awaken love inside themselves and live a happy and harmonious life, while feeling joy and pleasure in their bodies.
Consultant and teacher in the area of partnership who is beeing teaching courses in personal development, Holistic Sensual Massage and bodywork. Thanks to his unorthodox, relaxed approach and sense of humour his teaching has inspired thousands of people both in the Czech Republic and abroad. Since 2002 over 10,000 people have attended his courses, lectures and personal consultations to learn to accept themselves, give and receive loving touch, approach their bodies with respect and to open their hearts. Richard teaches about the differences between men and women and helps to bring more quality and depth into people’s relationships and intimacy. He is one of the creators and mentors of the WAY OF THE SUPERIOR MAN project.

Current course periods:

3. - 12. 5. 2024

Váňův statek (CZ)
Price: CZK 44,000
+ accommodation and meals (full board)
from CZK 11,520


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