10-day transformational training

The School of Holistic Sensual Massage

Give your life spark, joy, love and meaning.

Our bodies are our homes. 
That is the basis from which we proceed.

To a significant extent, our bodies determine:

  • how we feel,
  • the kinds of relationships we establish,
  • how we experience intimacy with our partners and how able we are to open ourselves to love,
  • and the extent of our creativity and the level of our life force, tension and relaxation.
  • Meet YOURSELF.
  • Open yourself to LIFE.
  • Open yourself to LOVE.
  • Not only for professionals, but for everyone who wants to transform his or her life into joy.

The ten-day CORE TOUCH® I training is a very intensive framework in which we will sensitively guide you with respect to your tempo to deeper feeling, understanding and loving of yourself.

On this path, excess burdens from the past, whether physical or mental wounds suffered in childhood, adolescence or later in life, will be naturally washed away.

Current course periods:

28. 6. - 7. 7. 2024

Váňův statek (CZ)
Price: EUR 1,950
Accommodation and meals (full board)
included in the price.

Experience a torrent of inspiration and
the desire to LIVE life to the fullest

Become familiar with all of the techniques contained in the School of Holistic Sensual (Tantra) Massage, in an absolutely unique form promising wholeness, depth and intensity.

What the course will bring to you:

  • 1
    Treatment of old wounds
    of the body and mind – i.e. physical and mental abuse and “injustice”, infidelity, involuntary mechanical sex, operations and gynaecological interventions or wounds resulting from childbirth, etc.
  • 2
    Understanding of your boundaries and the ability to set them in your life with ease and certainty
  • 3
    Deeper understanding and deepening of compassion with others
  • 4
    Opening of your heart and enhancement of your capacity to experience love
  • 5
    Heightened level of life force
  • 6
    Awareness of the personal strengths and possibilities that we have in life
  • 7
    Understanding of your body and the body of the opposite sex
    different needs of the male and female bodies in touch and sexuality
  • 8
    In-depth encounter with yourself
  • 9
    Strengthening of love and respect for yourself – your body and soul and even your life
  • 10
    Increased capacity to experience love and pleasure, and to thus bring them into your life

Change the way you perceive your life.

Mindful and sensitive work with the body, touch and intimacy is one of the strongest tools of developing your personal strength, enjoyment of life, feeling of your life journey and possibilities that you have in your life.

  • Thanks to loving attention to your body and soul, you will cleanse yourself of old patterns and programmes and you will open your system to more joy and wishes from the bottom of your heart.
  • You will learn a lot about yourself and about other people, too.
  • You will learn about the body polarity of men and women.
  • You will find many meanings of pleasure.
  • You will learn how many layers and meanings our sexual (=life) strength has and how you can develop yourself and others through it.

This training is for both individuals and couples,
for both amateurs and professionals. 

The training is a powerfull tool for manifesting your life journey – in your personal life, in your relationship and in your profession.

It is a unique way of enrichment and transformation.

It gives you information about your body and soul that you wanted to know even when you were in high school – at the latest.

We conduct this training twice a year.
During these ten days, you will have the unique possibility to:

  • 1
    Travel a deep and fun path of self-discovery, liberation of your life strengths, creativity, love and pleasure at all levels.
  • 2
    Learn to be a great lover, master of nurturing intimacy and joyful passion.
  • 3
    Receive an EASE (European Academy of Somatic Education) certificate, the most in-depth education possible in the area of holistic sensual (previously known as tantric) massage.

The Holistic sensual massage CORE TOUCH® Training I by Denisa Říha Palečková and Richard Vojík is popular both in the Czech Republic and abroad.

Graduates acquire not only professional knowledge, but also valuable experiences and irreplaceable insights into personal life. They get to know the vital force of sexual energy in its nature and beauty, with a feeling of embodiment and safety.

Graduates of the training also provide this massage on a professional level in Norway, Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Belgium, Holland, Denmark, England, Poland, Italy, Hungary, Ukraine and of course in Slovakia.

EASE certification is awarded upon completion of this professional training.

This is the MOST COMPREHENSIVE AND MOST IN-DEPTH TRAINING in the area of holistic sensual (tantric) massage in the Czech Republic and most other European countries. 

Detailed description of the training


  • 1
    The Ritual of Senses:
    the art of touch, working with human energy and its spiritual dimension, honouring ritual, attitude of giving, principles of holistic sensual massage, pressure massage using hot washcloths, awakening of skin sensitivity through gentle touch and touching with soft objects, oil massage
  • 2
    Oil body massage
    inspired by Esalen massage and pressure massages
  • 3
    Erotic reflexology
  • 4
    The Ritual of Awakening the Senses
  • 5
    Differences in male and female body polarity
  • 6
    Intimate massage for men
  • 7
    Intimate massage for women
  • 8
    Pelvic floor massage
  • 9
    Prostate massage
  • 10
    Erotic energy and altered states of consciousness
  • 11
    Face and cavity massage (oral, nasal, ears)
  • 12
    Working with purpose
  • 13
    Levels of benefits of holistic sensual massage:
    body and soul healing, personal development, inspirations for intimate life, nourishing of creativity and wellbeing, etc.
  • 14
    For men: orgasm without ejaculation
    "The Big Draw" technique serves as a tool of revitalisation and expansion of consciousness
  • 15
    For women: healing of mental and physical trauma
    basics of vaginal mapping (technique to experience increased vaginal sensitivity and more pleasure, while also releasing old pains and traumas)
  • 16
    Basics of scar tissue healing
    (after surgery, childbirth etc.)
  • 17
    Sensual holistic massage in partner life and as a profession
  • 18
    And much more...

The workshop will be taught in Czech with English translation. However, intermediate level of Czech is sufficient, as there will surely be people available to help you communicate.

Experiences of course participants

“I was troubled and about a week before the start of the course I was considering visiting a psychiatrist and taking psycho-pharmaceuticals. I was afraid of people, of freedom of expression, I was on guard.

I did not believe that it could be incredibly positive for me to simply be among people, when it’s enough to have a common interest, to improve one’s life.


"A whole new world opened to me and my husband, and we are just at the beginning…"


"Feelings of joy and happiness are hard to describe. There are no words to fully capture them.

I feel happy and I would like to learn how to give happiness to the others from you.“


 “The course pushed both of us forward unbelievably and we want to develop and expand on that. Each for ourselves and for both of us.”  

Lucka a Kuba

"After taking part in the workshops you will never be the same person!

You will experience joy, love, being connected, sharing, but also pain, tears and regret. We have been awakened through the combination of these strong feelings and we felt so grateful and humble.

Suddenly you just know who you are and why you are in this world!" 


"I feel so purified. It was kind of an initiation ceremony."


 “I'm back in reality. It’s beautiful. The ten days of the holistic sensual massage course was full of emotions, important realisations and great people.

The course should be taken by everyone who wants to know their body and understand their partner’s body. This information and experience came at the right time in my life.”


 “I experienced something incredible. I found out how much kindness and love and support can be found among people.

If any of you want to change your life, get rid of your fears, become free and find out what it is like to be literally drugged with kindness and love, get out of your comfort zone and set out for the CORE TOUCH course.

The reward will be an extraordinary experience, discovery of how much we are limiting ourselves in our lives, dragging ourselves down, criticizing and judging ourselves. It’s an incredible transformation in ten days.”

Simona Janišová

“Ten days only for myself. Ten days filled with joy and love. Ten days that I will never forget, and I will carry what they gave me inside myself forever.

Jana Böhmová

“Ten beautiful, transformative days and mutual reflection of our wishes, worries, fears, courage, love, acceptance and non-acceptance, compassion and the potential of every person.

Again, it was a deep dive into human needs and desires, wounds and hopes and, above all, love. I am grateful that I could be there in a supporting role. Thank you for the journey of opening many hearts to love, compassion and gratitude.

Jitka Konečná

"Something that began as ‘well, I'll go there and have a look to learn what my husband went through’ became completely connected with my journey during those ten days and became one of the strongest currents that are my resources."

Dita Macháčková

I learned to have pure and non-toxic relationships with people, to appreciate myself and others...

During the course, I found my lost self, which began to disappear about twenty years ago.

Anička Mocová

"It was just splendid and I still overflow with love and I hope it will last as long as possible."


"Holistic sensual massage changed the way I perceive sexuality.

It showed me the way I´ve been searching for so long, the way to know myself and the endless possibilities hidden in my body waiting to be discovered, awakened and used by me for my well being."


"I feel charged and I feel a lot of energy to live!"


"It is a huge RESTART and I am so INCREDIBLY GRATEFUL.“


“... it's simply one big ride on a wave of growth and daily joy! To allow myself to be authentic in all circumstances, to live the way I want, to see the world in all its beauty, to accept new challenges with joy and humility.

It's not just about techniques; it's generally about a comprehensive change of values and beliefs in life.

Core Touch took me even higher while also anchoring me more firmly.”

Jan Stankovič

"... I finally accepted myself without conditions, the way I am ... since then, I have been living a completely different life ..."

Martin Šebek

 “It was amazing and after the first three days I was fulfilled with everything that I came to the course for. The other days were beyond my expectations and there was still a lot to do.”

Pavel Harcuba

After the seminar, I feel in touch with my body for the first time in my life.

I wish everyone to have this experience! And most of all the directors of pre-schools, schools and universities, high-level managers and everyone else who works with or leads people.”


In the training, I understood how little I had known about my body until then, not to mention the male body. How many ‘misunderstandings’ I could have avoided ... "

Jana Kollárová

“It was again ten wonderful, unrepeatable days. Thank you for letting me being part of this unique convergence of stories and deep transformation. Though I have assisted several times, I still feel deep humility in the face of this work.

Thank you for all of the stories and openness through which our hearts can heal. It is difficult to find words to describe the beauty of these inspirational days.”

Marie Drkulová 

“When the transformation in every cell of the body happens, it cannot be reversed.

I allowed myself to fully experience everything and let go. I was filled with beauty and gentleness. I realized what happiness I have in my life and what gifts have been given and continue to be given to me.”

Simona Janišová

Experience professional and personal transformative growth

In the ten-day CORE TOUCH® I transformation training, we create an environment in which course participants learn not only techniques, but also the inner attitude and approach to massage and the recipient of the massage. It is a complete alchemy of experience, focus, awakening of the life force, opening of the heart and aiming of energy.

At the same time, everyone travels their own personal path of enhancing their life force, joy and love. Discovering other possibilities, the desires of the heart, and often touch with one’s own mission… It is a course to which some even return in order to repeat it and they again leave deeply enriched.

Meet yourself. Open yourself to life. Open yourself to love.


Denisa is an lecturer and speaker from the Czech Republic who brings a totally new view of intimacy and methods for using this area of life for health, happiness, relationships and personal growth. Since 2002, through her courses, talks, articles and videos, she has helped many thousands of people find their way to a more joyful and fulfilling life. She teaches couples how to have a loving and passionate relationship. Denisa is the founder of The School of Happy Relationships, the ARKAYA® massage and educational centre and CORE TOUCH® and training for laypeople and professionals. In her Women’s Workshops, she supports women in their efforts to awaken love inside themselves and live a happy and harmonious life, while feeling joy and pleasure in their bodies.
He is a teacher and guide. He leads courses of personal and partner development. He helps people to transform their self-awareness and to improve their lives and relationships with their partners. He shares his knowledge and experience in a natural, humorous and easily understandable way. People love him for his humour and, at the same time, for the depth of information that he offers in his courses. Richard provides crucial information about partnership and sex that is not discussed at home or at school.

Denisa Říha Palečková about CORE TOUCH® I training:

“I am very pleased that, since 2005, I have been able to offer you personal development and professional training thanks to working with the body and conscious touch in the context of human intimacy. Training that is open to men, women and couples who want to give their lives more joy, energy, meaning, passion and love for themselves and others.

Intensive massage training is always filled with joy and positive transformation.

At the same time, it provides the professional training that is necessary for the high-quality performance of people in the area of working with touch and intimacy, as well as in any other assistive profession. Many experts from the ranks of psychologists, coaches, counsellors, etc. receive this training in order to expand their experience of working with people, even if they do not use touch directly in their own work. It inspires them to even more effectively and more deeply provide benefit to people in their development. Even classic psychotherapy is increasingly using focus on the body.

We develop most rapidly through the body, especially in the context of intimacy. We heal our bodies and souls and we develop our life potential.

A number of people who complete the course will begin working with holistic sensual massage, even though that may not have been their original intention. Our massages and their holistic impact on people and their mental and physical health and development have been received by dozens of managers, entrepreneurs and employees who eventually decided to change their career path.

Or they have made massage their hobby or a source of supplementary income. They fell in love with the massages for their rapid positive effect on others, as well as for the benefit they feel for themselves with every massage they give to someone else.

For many people, the School of Holistic Sensual Massage is a way to enhance their life force, joy and sincere and unquestioned love for themselves, as well as their perceptiveness with respect to their own bodies and souls.

It is a way not only to improve your relationship to yourself, but also to others. To deepen your friendship, partnership and intimate life.

You will learn a lot of useful information and techniques for working with the body, for the intimate experience of men and women.

You will learn methods for enhancing pleasure in all areas of your life.

We look forward to seeing you!

Current course periods:

28. 6. - 7. 7. 2024

Váňův statek (CZ)
Price: EUR 1,950
Accommodation and meals (full board)
included in the price.