Overview of past courses and workshops for women, couples, and individuals.

CORE TOUCH® I: The School of Holistic Sensual Massage

3.7. 2020 - 12.7. 2020Váňův statek
CHANGE THE WAY HOW YOU PERCEIVE YOUR LIFE. Mindfull and sensitive work with body, touch and intimacy is one of the strongest tools of developing your personal strength, life enjoyment, feeling of your life journey and possibilities that you have in your life. Intensive training for both amateurs and professionals.
We are postponing this event and will reschedule a new date i 2020. Information comming soon!


27.3. 2020 - 29.3. 2020Váňův statek (CZ)
FALL IN LOVE AGAIN (OR EVEN MORE) WITH YOUR PARTNER. Over the course of a few days, you will see more closely what is hindering you on your journey together and what supports you. You will learn to transform conflicts that create distance into the energy of a loving connection.