MÁJOVÁ INSPIRACE & SLEVY na vybrané online programy a dárkové poukazy do 31.5. 

(Tajemství šťastného vztahu, Jak uspokojit ženu, Přepis limbického otisku, masáže v ARKAYA® a další.)

MÁJOVÁ INSPIRACE & SLEVY - na vybrané online programy a dárkové poukazy do 31.5.
(Tajemství šťastného vztahu, Jak uspokojit ženu, Přepis limbického otisku, masáže v ARKAYA® a další.)


Explore Denisa’s face to face trainings for women, couples and individuals to discover which one is the right for you.

retreat pro páry - škola šťastného partnerství


Fall in love all over again with your partner - and bring deeper lasting joy, love, and harmony into your relationship.

Whether you’re a happy couple wanting to bring new depth to your relationship or a couple in crisis who’s looking for resolution and reconnection, this weekend seminar will teach you how to communicate more effectively and connect with each other on a much deeper level.


Create and reinforce your purpose for your next future.

Learn how to work consciously with your sexual energy to unleash the willpower and drive you need to make your dreams come true. Denisa’s "Ritual of Fulfilled Wishes" will help you get clear on what your intentions are for the next 12 months and dramatically enhance your ability to transform your desires into reality.

The School of Holistic Sensual Massage

10-day transformational training

Become a certified practitioner of CORE TOUCH® sensual massage. This is the MOST COMPREHENSIVE AND MOST IN-DEPTH TRAINING in holistic sensual (tantric) massage available in the Czech Republic and most other countries worldwide.

CORE TOUCH® II: Advanced Professional Training

"CORE TOUCH" = touching the essence, the core of the problem.

This training is for CORE TOUCH® I graduates who want to help train others people in the field of sexuality and partnership as well as for those want to go deeper into their own personal transformation and broaden their understanding and experience of intimate relationships.


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"If you are not happy, if you are not experiencing joy and bliss and love in your relationship, and seeing it as a path to growth and wholeness in your life, Denisa can help you."
Jack Canfield
"She illuminates a new perspective on the subject of sexuality in our lives, so you can use the power of intimacy to create a long lasting relationship, where there is love AND passion."
Tosin Ogunnusi 
"It was an experience that has changed our life."
Alice and David Kirs
"I fell in love again, and although almost 2 months have passed, it still continues! We left intoxicated and in love and it is amazing that it persevered."
Stana Stiborova Mrazkova
"Denisa's workshops and deep bodywork will help you transform your life into a whole new level, one that you didn't even dream of, and it will open up new possibilities into your life that you didn't even imagine in your dreams."
Karolína Pěnkavová
"Denisa is an inspiring woman full of love, consciousness, and compassion. She has opened the eyes of thousands of people through her teachings on conscious sexuality."
Monika Sicova
“Intimacy and sexuality are topics that are generally considered “taboo,” yet Denisa is able to talk about them in a way that is natural, easy, and highly sensitive to people’s needs."
Alice Kirs