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NEW: Online program ŠKOLA ŠŤASTNÉHO PARTNERSTVÍ za zvýhodněnou vánoční cenu do 31.12.2019! >> more info


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+420 774 77 66 88
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+420 774 77 66 88

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Mgr. Denisa Říha Palečková
IČO: 71523952
Baranova 1804/25, 130 00 Praha
Podnikatel vedený u Živnostenského úřadu v Praze.

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Personal consultation
with Denisa Říha Palečková

I have focused on working with the body and intimacy since 2002 and I share methods for using this area for health, happiness, fulfilling and harmonic (not only) partner life and personal development.

In the course of consultation, we can focus jointly on the following topics:

  • Intimacy and sexuality – male vs. female sexuality, sex during pregnancy, intimacy after childbirth, problems in sex (impotence, premature ejaculation, pain during sex), pornography, masturbation, how to satisfy a man/woman, menstrual cycle, differences in sexual opening of the male and female bodies.

  • Partner relationships – communication in a partner relationship, polarity, infidelity, divorce and breakup, how to fill a relationship with love and passion, how to improve one’s sexual life in a partner relationship.

  • Self-realisation and personal mission – how to live the full and meaningful life of your dreams, what to focus on in life, how to discover the true desires of your heart, how to properly formulate your desires, how to make your dreams reality, how to cope with activities that do not bring us joy.

  • Family relationships – how to communicate with a former partner, relationships in the broader family, how to give to others so that we truly please them.

  • Self-realisation and self-acceptance – awakening of love within yourself, experiencing joy and pleasure in your body, how to have a body with which you are satisfied.

  • Cultivation of joy and happiness – how to live the life of your dreams, how to experience more happiness and joy in life, the keys to feeling permanently happy in life. How to maintain newly gained inspiration and experiences in life.

The fee for personal consultation is

30 minutes

CZK 1,500

60 minutes

CZK 3,000

90 minutes

CZK 4,000

120 minutes

CZK 5,000