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PŘEPIS LIMBICKÉHO OTISKU 24.4. (17 - 22 h) online workshop a vedená meditace » Projdi hlubokou vnitřní transformací ... a zvol si, jakou cestou se vydáš. Více ZDE

LÁSKA, HOJNOST, POSLÁNÍ 1.5. (10 - 19 h) jednodenní seminář pro ženy 💃 na Chateau Mcely » Pro ženy, které chtějí zažít láskyplnou péči a které se chtějí více propojit s tím, kam ve svém životě směřují. Více ZDE


Our client tells her story of a vaginal mapping session, what happened prior to this and how her life changed afterwards.

Almost one year ago when I read the headline “Vaginal Mapping” and looked at the web pages of Denisa Palečková and Richard Vojík, I only said to myself…”Oh my god!”

My best friend came over and we were watching together in complete awe what is possible to experience and to explore about our own sexuality.

I am one of the “children of Husák” (communist era) and in those ages of my childhood and youth it was sort of inappropriate to talk about such topics. I got married early, I had a baby and almost until my 35th year I thought that I didn’t like sex at all, that it was simply an irritancy which I must somehow endure… Just for you to know what conditions I am coming from. I believe that many of you will probably agree with me…

So when I discovered the technique of vaginal mapping with my friend, after we read through the web pages, we just looked at each other long fell (which I love by the way, we both laugh then and say… what a staring again) and I only said: “I wouldn’t make this up.” And she said to me: “Well for me no way at all.” And, you see, it has been not even been one year and I made it. And I even agreed to have a film to be made of it…

I have participated in filming a documentary which will present this technique to the public on DVD. Well, what shall I say… It was wicked. Participants were: The cameraman was one of the best cameramen in the Czech Republic. The assistant (who by the way was an amazingly wise young man) Richard Vojík, who left before the mapping itself.  me and “my” guide, bodyworker Petra Ptarah Hrůzková. I thought… “Oh boy, I don’t know if I will be able to relax and allow myself to let everything go, to express everything. I am able to express my emotions in public; but I thought that I might have some troubles with voice manifestation of emotions. Well, I found out that I don’t have any.

I am proud of myself.

I was able to release and let go of everything what was hidden in me for years, with the help of Petra. Petra was amazing. She helped me in a moment when I was still consciously fighting and was afraid to release it. She took my hand and  she led me from my head to my body and it went out. Now I realize that I actually had a similar experience of help (and sort of guidance) with one man on Ritual of fulfilled wishes recently. He also helped me much by leading me back from my head (where I was trapped in some story from my past) to my body. To the present moment.

So I lived through a huge fear, pain, disgust, humiliation, hatred, terror, anger and lots of others strong negative emotions once again. It hurt so much. Both physically and emotionally. But after I screamed the words “I don’t want it” and “I hate you” like I never did in my life before, I felt an incredible relief. I accepted that fear to the fullest. Plunged into it. I stood face to face to it. It was me and I was it. We were one. And suddenly the pain subsided. Suddenly I cried softly and felt a tremendous peace of mind. It was like being a part of an ocean and being just a little drop at the same time. A drop, which has all the wisdom of the whole ocean and the ocean filled with billions of individual tiny drops at the same time…

I know that I still have a bunch of old injuries to be opened and cured but I am sure now that I am much strongerconnected with myself and that I am able to dissolve them all. I felt this integrity even before but I had a feeling from time to time that I was missing something. That my life is not complete and whole. That I didn’t have everything that I could have. That I don´t experience everything I could experience. That I am missing something to be whole and integrated. Of course I was. Just like I only didn’t know. About some parts of myself… and so the others show them to me. Sometimes it´s very pleasant and sometimes it hurts a bit.

It is wonderful to look at this mirror and to see all the parts of me, though. Even those parts which I don´t like at all. And what’s most wonderful is to accept them with love.

Sometimes I had this feeling that I am missing a partner. A man. A fellow. A lover. An ally. After this experience I realized again, that all I need just now I already have! That I am actually on my way. I meet everybody and everything just in the right time. That all I need is here, available for me. And above all, that the greatest partner I need, I always had and will have, is hidden in me.

And so now I already know that if there is no man standing by my side (a life partner) it is just okay, because there are lots of men in my life who like me and love me. I felt my partner to be really close to me. Like if I touched him already. Like if he walked by my side already. When I close my eyes, I can feel him…

Sometimes I had this feeling that I don’t have enough money. That I live in an insufficiency and don´t know how I can manage it. Also here I realized some time ago, that I have exactly how much I need. That the universe always helps me. That I´m experiencing an unlimited abundance. That the possibilities are limitless. The only limitation is in my head. When I close my eyes I can see myself in full abundance. There is an absolute sufficiency of everything that I need and even more to it. I give and I receive.

I am in harmony.

As a next step I see the mapping by a man. A man who is patient, gentle and strong at the same time, strong enough to hold me when I need it. I am happy that one man of such a kind is my friend…

Since I started to work with the sexual/life energy and to devote my attention to it, my life has accelerated. It changes at an incredible speed. I am happier and happier day by day and I perceive myself as more beautiful and more relaxed…

I’ve done it and since now I will already live without a grain of doubt? No way. I just know how to work with myself and how to dissolve the blocks which may constrain me from living life fully. I will always laugh sometimes and sometimes I will cry. I only know now that everything is okay just as it is. Of course I know this only thanks to the mapping. I realize it every single day of my life.

What shall I say to summarize?

If you feel that you do not live your life to the fullest and you feel that you hold back yourself, ladies, open yourselves to life by vaginal mapping. In ancient times, the sages already knew that the sexual/life energy needs to flow and that it provides a tremendous inner strength, joy and stability to anyone who allows it.

– Hanka Pisková –

© Mgr. Denisa Říha Palečková, 2019

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