10-day transformational training


Give your life spark, joy, love and meaning.

Váňův statek, from October the 20th to October the 29th 2023

Podrobnosti kurzu


20. - 29. 10. 2023


Váňův statek, Dubovice 28, 393 01 Pelhřimov


Mgr. Denisa Říha Palečková
Ing. Richard Vojík

Price: EUR 1950

Accommodation and meals (full board) included in the price.

I learned to have pure and non-toxic relationships with people, to appreciate myself and others...

During the course, I found my lost self, which began to disappear about twenty years ago.

Anička Mocová

“When the transformation in every cell of the body happens, it cannot be reversed.

I allowed myself to fully experience everything and let go. I was filled with beauty and gentleness. I realized what happiness I have in my life and what gifts have been given and continue to be given to me.”

Simona Janišová


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Denisa is an lecturer and speaker from the Czech Republic who brings a totally new view of intimacy and methods for using this area of life for health, happiness, relationships and personal growth. Since 2002, through her courses, talks, articles and videos, she has helped many thousands of people find their way to a more joyful and fulfilling life. She teaches couples how to have a loving and passionate relationship. Denisa is the founder of The School of Happy Relationships, the ARKAYA® massage and educational centre and CORE TOUCH® and training for laypeople and professionals. In her Women’s Workshops, she supports women in their efforts to awaken love inside themselves and live a happy and harmonious life, while feeling joy and pleasure in their bodies.
He is a teacher and guide. He leads courses of personal and partner development. He helps people to transform their self-awareness and to improve their lives and relationships with their partners. He shares his knowledge and experience in a natural, humorous and easily understandable way. People love him for his humour and, at the same time, for the depth of information that he offers in his courses. Richard provides crucial information about partnership and sex that is not discussed at home or at school.

This training is organized by:

Ing. Richard Vojík

se sídlem: Kolinec 38, 34142
IČO: 63514435