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What did the program graduates write to us?

  • “Finally, I understood things we hadn't learned about at home or at school - things so important in life and so neglected by the school system.”

  • “In my opinion, instead of family education in schools, it should be taught how to treat your partner, what sex is and how men and women work. Maybe it would make life easier for future generations in partnership and they could really enjoy it.”

  • “We spent more time making love with my wife in the last five days than in the last five years!!! Incredible. Thanks again.”

    Pavel a Jitka
  • “Thank you for how well you can combine the two opposing worlds into a harmonic unit…”

  • “It's hard to describe in words what we feel, what we experience - and it is amazing that day by day it is getting better. We are constantly discovering new feelings of love, tenderness, touches, emotions...”

    Eva & Alex
  • "I feel more trust and love towards my husband, I feel safe with him."

  • “It's strange that we have to learn things we should have known… but we don’t, it’s the other way round. We are as happy as excited small children at school!”

  • "Slow sex filled me with wonderful satisfaction, with delightful warm and shaky feeling that lasts for the next day or even longer."

  • “Your online programs have brought me awarness of the differences in man´s and woman´s thinking and behaviour, awareness, that relationship needs to be nurtured continuously all the time, better understanding of woman´s behaviour, that there is a possibility to save damaged relationship and a better connection and mutual tolerance.“

    Luboš Suchochleb