online programme for men and women


Transform your dreams into reality


online programme for men and women


Transform your dreams into reality

Shape your life in the way that you choose!

Gain information and experiences that will help you on the path to forming your own vision of a dream life and its materialisation in reality.

What will you get from the programme?

  • You will have a better understanding of yourself.
  • You will get in touch with the desires of your soul.
  • You will play with your imagination and develop your dreams.
  • You will shape your own experience so that your dreams and goals are truly fulfilled.

In addition to information, you will also receive practical instructions and experience-based exercises that will ensure the necessary change in your life.

Discover the true desires of your heart and soul, and the methods for manifesting them in your life.

  • How can we make things happen for us in our lives?
  • And happen in the way that we wish, or even better?
  • How can we figure out what is truly important to us and make it a reality?

Discover and manifest that which you desire!

“I’ve been teaching courses focused of fulfilling desires – both tangible and intangible – for thirteen years. I greatly enjoy the moment of becoming aware of the extent to which we shape our reality. And of what to do in order to create such a reality with which we are happy. This includes finding out what that truly is, what it means for us (in life)… How to dislodge and let go of restrictive beliefs and voices that tell us that what we desire is not possible… And how to make our dreams come true.”

What awaits you in the programme:

  • 1
    The search for your heart’s REAL desires
    It often happens that what we wish for is not what truly makes us happy. How can you recognise which desires are “the right ones” and which ones come from the head or are a reflection of someone else’s desires (parents, society, etc.)?
  • 2
    Visual manifestation of your desires.
    Create your own “yantra” (vision board), which will accompany you in your life and remind you of how you want to live and how you want to feel.
  • 3
    Principles of successful manifestation
    I will explain to you and you will experience that which is necessary in order to fulfil your dreams as soon as possible and in the way that you desire.

In the course, we go much deeper than simply making a list of desires and putting them in visual form.

You will learn:

  • to reach deeper into yourself for that which his truly important for you.
  • to distinguish and set aside that which is only “noise” and draws your attention away from what you truly care about.
  • to find in yourself the state that is a real magnet for manifesting your desires.
  • how to effectively support your desires and intentions every day.

You will connect with our body and soul in a way that brightens your life.

For whom is the programme appropriate?

For everyone who wishes for...

  • a fulfilling romantic relationship full of happiness and love.
  • intimacy filled with spark and passion.
  • family relationships that are a source of joy, support, friendship and cooperation.
  • nourishing, supportive and inspiring relationships with friends.
  • sufficient financial resources for oneself and for one’s family and projects.
  • work that brings happiness, meaning and fulfilment.
  • a home where one feels good and is glad to return to.
  • waking up and going to sleep with a feeling of contentment.
  • satisfaction in the area of personal development and education.
  • getting up, working and creating with the awareness that what one experiences and how one lives have meaning.

Content of the LIVE YOUR DREAMS programme:

Lesson 1:

Find out which qualities give you strength in your life and how to support and develop them in the best possible way. And which habits and beliefs are holding you back in life and how to overcome and transform them.

Lesson 2:

Become aware of the areas of your life in which you feel fulfilled and areas where there is potential for growth and change. I will advise you on how to establish balance so that you perceive joy, fulfilment and meaning equally in all areas and how to manifest your desires and dreams.

Lesson 3:

Make your dreams and visions become reality. Manifest your visions through practical steps and through the power of your own consciousness. Amplify and strengthen them with the energy of your life force so that they are fulfilled as quickly as possible and in the manner that you desire.

What have programme participants written to us?

I never would have believed how quickly one uttered wish could be fulfilled.
Thanks to using these principles, I’m going through life with ease, a smile on my face and openness at both the personal and work and business levels.

Your investment

“Live Your Dreams” is a program that will transform your dreams into reality.

255 Eur   169 Eur

Limited time offer

What awaits you in the programme?

  • 3 lessons* on the path to changing the reality by which you want to live.
  • 12 videos packed with information, practical instructions and experience-based exercises that will ensure the necessary change
  • 193 minutes of inspiration and instructions
  • Practical summary and note sheets for download in PDF format.
  • Downloadable MP3 for when you are travelling.


You can also give the online programme to someone else in the form of a gift voucher.

Find that which is truly important for you and manifest your desires in the reality in which you live.


Denisa Říha Palečková is a love and intimacy expert who helps people transform their lives by improving their relationship with their own bodies and their romantic partners. Since 2002, through her courses, talks, articles, and videos, she has helped many thousands of people around the world find their way to a more passionate and fulfilling life. Her fresh, down-to-earth approach to intimacy and sensuality helps people experience more joy and purpose, not only in their relationships but in everything they do. 

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