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Deepen your intimacy with your partner and ensure that both of you experience more pleasure and fulfillment in your relationship.

“Every woman is like a unique musical instrument that you must learn how to play.”

Mgr. Denisa Říha Palečková

Unlock the secrets to deeper love and passion (for her AND for you!)

Discover the answers to your biggest questions about the female body & mind

You will learn…

  • how the female body functions in the area of sexuality
  • how to become the best lover for your woman
  • how to help your woman be the best lover for you

You will finally understand how to...

  • Encourage your woman to open herself up and submit to you with trust
  • Ensure that your sex life is full of fire and passion even after many years
  • Transform lovemaking into an invigorating experience for both of you, infused with energy that will endure for a long time to come

It’s time to take your love to the next level!

Do you answer YES to any of the following questions?

  • Do you want to understand the needs of the female body?
  • Are you uncertain how to touch a woman in intimate moments?
  • Are you and/or your woman dissatisfied with your sex life?
  • Is your woman no longer attractive or attracted to you?
  • Do you suffer from premature ejaculation?
  • Do you and your woman understand each other, but your intimate life is lacking?
  • Is your woman unable to relax during lovemaking?
  • Do you want to be a great lover?
  • Does your woman reproach you because you do not pay attention to her/ listen to her/help her?
  • Does your woman reject your touch?
  • Have passion and excitement disappeared from your relationship?
  • Do you have erectile problems?
  • Does your woman avoid lovemaking?
  • Do you no longer desire sex with your woman?
  • Do you not feel like a real man in your relationship?

If so, this program is for you!

“We need to adjust our perspective on sexuality so that we have truly deep and invigorating experiences not only in the area of intimacy, but in all areas of our shared life together. Believe me: it’s worth it!”

This program was specifically designed for…

  • Men who are single and want to learn how to please a woman
  • Men who would like to bring new passion and energy into their long-term relationship
  • Graduates of our couples workshops or other trainings who wish to continue working on themselves and to go even deeper into their relationship
  • Women who wish to have deeper insight into the masculine world so they can better understand their partners

Here’s what each lesson will teach you:

How to Unlock the “Treasure” Inside Your Woman

Welcome! In this introductory video you will discover more about what you will learn in this program. You’ll also learn that inside each woman, there is a “treasure” - and you’re about to discover the key to unlocking it!

The Secret to Helping Your Woman Open Up Sexually

Men and women are different – which is why we’re attracted to each other! To help your woman open up sexually, you have to understand the complexities of her body and give her the kind of touch she wants and needs.

How to Communicate & Listen More Effectively

Men and women express themselves differently and often have different expectations around communication. Discover how your woman wants to feel when communicating and how to listen to her more effectively.

How to Give Her the Loving Touch She Desires

Men and women wanted to be touched differently. Learn about the needs and rhythm of a woman’s body vs. a man’s, and discover how to give your woman loving touch that will open her up and make her trust you completely.

The Unspoken Connection Between Chores & Sex

Did you know that helping with the household chores can be a powerful aphrodisiac for women? Learn how your home environment and harmony within the household can influence your love life - and open the door to better sex.

A Proven Technique to Awaken Her Passion

Nothing is sexier than a woman in the throes of passion! Discover a simple but effective technique you can use while making love and during your every day life (even during arguments!) to awaken your woman’s passion.

An Untapped & Powerful Form of Foreplay

Love making starts before you reach the bed – and a great place for it is the dance floor! Dancing is a natural form of foreplay. Learn how to “set the mood” through movement – even if you don’t see yourself as a good dancer.

Daily Touch Techniques to Deepen Your Intimacy

If you touch your woman only for the purpose of having sex, you will find that approach a dead-end street! Learn daily touch techniques that will deepen your connection to each other and makes her more willing to fully open to you.

How to Listen to Your Body (and Make Your Body Listen to You)

The more deeply you understand your own body, the more control you will have over it and the better your sex life will be. Here’s how to listen to your body is saying – and what to do when it doesn’t want to listen to you.

Grow Your Passion & Intimacy Even More

Learn how you can go even deeper into your intimacy development. You’ll find solutions on what to do when you’re having major problems in your relationship, how to save your marriage, and how to become an even better lover.

How to Release Painful Emotions and Trauma (For Her & For You) Experience

Learn about the dynamics of trauma in your body and how to work with the painful patterns we develop as a result. You’ll learn how to heal trauma, release negative emotions, and develop a new and better relationship with your body and sexuality.

Greater Freedom and Liberty (In Bed & Beyond)

Are you really free and liberated? Discover how your habits can impact your sexual experience and learn how to approach sex in a more satisfying and fulfilling way. You’ll also learn how “conscious love making” can intensify your experience.

"If you are not happy, if you are not experiencing joy and bliss and love in your relationship, and seeing it as a path to growth and wholeness in your life, Denisa can help you. Take advantage of that."

Jack Canfield

co-creator of Chicken Soup for the Soul and author of The Success Principles

What did the program graduates write to us?

“Before purchasing this online course, I was wondering why I should I buy "How to Satisfy a Woman" videos from a woman. And then it occurred to me! Who else than a woman should give men guidance on this topic? Who other than a woman who experiences it, who knows how to manage the difference between my perception and the feelings of a woman in the area of intimacy? Congratulations. It is amazing and I highly recommend it, and I think my satisfied partner is now giving it the highest praise. ”
Tomas Hovorka
“I ordered your “How to Satisfy a Woman” online programme yesterday and I already have tremendous joy from the first lesson. You very nicely describe it there and I very much look forward to the next lesson. ”
“This is a great online course for men and, at the same time, it’s instructional also for women, who learn a lot of unexpected things that they can allow themselves and are natural for their “feminine essence”. ”
Petra Drahonovska
“The programmes are useful for us and for everyone; not just for men. I enjoy how you highlight the important points, which are also shown in the conclusion. ”
Roman Drahonovsky
“It works immediately!”
“I’m now watching How to Satisfy a Woman online with my husband :-). Thanks for that; it’s a great supplement and addition to the live event!”
Klara Domlatilova
“Your online programs have brought me:
- awarness of the differences in man´s and woman´s thinking and behaviour,
- awareness, that relationship needs to be nurtured continuously all the time,
- better understanding of woman´s behaviour,
- that there is a possibility to save damaged relationship,
- a better connection and mutual tolerance.“
Lubos Suchochleb
“Denisa speaks beautifully about men, women, and making love. Through her work, she connects them beautifully. She is doing amazing work.”
“Denisa understands men perfectly! She is the medicine that heals pointless conflict between genders and people in general. She creates space for people to take more meaningful action that benefits others and allows for joy and personal growth.”
Anton Spoerker
“I spent 2 months searching for answers on what I should do to improve my relationship. Thanks to Denisa, I now understand so much more. Her course is the most helpful and meaningful online journey I have taken so far. Denisa - a sincere thank you for what you do!”
Slavek K.
“I experienced huge benefits in my life and marriage after participating in Denisa’s workshops, trainings and programs. I observed similar changes in the lives of my close friends and also in the lives of hundreds of my clients, who learned about Denisa through me. The benefits they experienced from her teachings were immense and crucial for a joyful and happy life.”
Alice Kirs

Your investment

“HOW TO MAKE YOUR WOMAN HAPPIER THAN SHE’S EVER BEEN” is a powerful five-week program that will transform your relationship with your partner and bring more joy and fulfillment into your life.

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What is included

  • Lessons that will lead you down the path to greater intimacy and pleasure
  • Instruction on how to maintain passion and desire even in a long-term relationship
  • Possibilities for further development of sexuality
  • 12 videos full of valuable information and practical advice
  • 97 minutes of inspiration and tips
  • Downloadable MP3s so you can listen on the go!


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Do you want to understand your woman’s body and have a satisfying sex life?


Denisa Říha Palečková is a love and intimacy expert who helps people transform their lives by improving their relationship with their own bodies and their romantic partners. Since 2002, through her courses, talks, articles, and videos, she has helped many thousands of people around the world find their way to a more passionate and fulfilling life. Her fresh, down-to-earth approach to intimacy and sensuality helps people experience more joy and purpose, not only in their relationships but in everything they do. 

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