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Do you wish that your intimate life was more juicy and fulfilling?
Have you or your partner stopped feeling the “spark”?
… Or maybe you’ve stopped making love altogether?

Discover 3 simple practices that will unlock new passion and energy and bring the fire back into your relationship.

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    Don't give up on your love life! Intimacy is a vital part of the human experience, and the more you cultivate it, the better your relationship and your life will be.
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    Tip 2: OPEN UP
    Suppressed emotions can explode or leak out in toxic ways. Learn how to communicate your feelings so they don’t become obstacles to intimacy.
  • 3
    The more you understand about your body and your partner, the deeper your relationship will become. (And the better your sex life will be!)

Once you have watched the video, I warmly invite you to explore:

Online program for couples and for singles.

Take part in our legendary “couples retreat” in the comfort of your home! This online program is for anyone who wants their relationship to be full of love, passion, joy, and depth.
Online program for men.

Deepen your intimacy with your partner and ensure that both of you experience more pleasure and fulfillment in your relationship.
kurz pro páry - kurzy šťastného partnerství
Bring more joy, connection, and harmony into your relationship and fall in love again (or even more) with your partner.

Since 2005, thousands of couples from around the world have attended my legendary courses. The seminar is intended for both happy couples who want to make a good relationship even better, and couples who are going through a relationship crisis.
I offer a small number of private one-on-one consulting sessions at my office in Prague or via Skype. Spots tend to fill up months ahead so be sure to book your session well in advance.

Topics I can help you with: Intimacy and sexuality, partner relationships and communication, self-realisation and personal mission, self-love and self-acceptance, cultivation of joy and happiness, etc.

“You too can have a happy and fulfilled relationship and be in love even after 20 years (again).“