I provide personal consultation to a limited extent by individual agreement.

Topics with which you can turn to me: 

  • Intimacy and sexuality

  • Partner relationships and communication

  • Self-realisation and personal mission

  • Self-love and self-acceptance

  • Family relationships

  • Personal development

  • Cultivation of joy and happiness


Personal consultation
with Denisa Říha Palečková

I have focused on working with the body and intimacy since 2002 and I share methods for using this area for health, happiness, fulfilling and harmonic (not only) partner life and personal development.

In the course of consultation, we can focus jointly on the following topics:

  • Intimacy and sexuality – male vs. female sexuality, sex during pregnancy, intimacy after childbirth, problems in sex (impotence, premature ejaculation, pain during sex), pornography, masturbation, how to satisfy a man/woman, menstrual cycle, differences in sexual opening of the male and female bodies.

  • Partner relationships – communication in a partner relationship, polarity, infidelity, divorce and breakup, how to fill a relationship with love and passion, how to improve one’s sexual life in a partner relationship.

  • Self-realisation and personal mission – how to live the full and meaningful life of your dreams, what to focus on in life, how to discover the true desires of your heart, how to properly formulate your desires, how to make your dreams reality, how to cope with activities that do not bring us joy.

  • Family relationships – how to communicate with a former partner, relationships in the broader family, how to give to others so that we truly please them.

  • Self-realisation and self-acceptance – awakening of love within yourself, experiencing joy and pleasure in your body, how to have a body with which you are satisfied.

  • Cultivation of joy and happiness – how to live the life of your dreams, how to experience more happiness and joy in life, the keys to feeling permanently happy in life. How to maintain newly gained inspiration and experiences in life.

The fee for personal consultation is

30 minutes

CZK 1,500

60 minutes

CZK 3,000

90 minutes

CZK 4,000

120 minutes

CZK 5,000


Work with the body
at ARKAYA® Prague

Denisa Říha Palečková is the founder of ARKAYA® Prague, which offers a broad range of massages and self-development and instructional programmes for women, men and couples.
ARKAYA® has a team of certified masseuses and masseurs who have undergone CORE TOUCH® professional training (previously known as the School of Holistic Sensual Massage).

Working with the body can bring us, for example:

  • Acceptance of our bodies and emotions – thanks to the experience of joy and pleasure in the body, we can accept and love ourselves.

  • Full experience of our own sexuality and bodies and the intensity of the pleasure and joy that we can experience in our bodies.

  • Honouring our own sexuality – through holistic massage, we experience not only care, but also full acceptance of our bodies.

  • Elimination of IMPOTENCE – holistic sensual massage can be an inspiration and a practical aid in the case of erectile problems thanks to establishment of balance in the body and restoration of the life force.

  • Familiarisation with the possibilities of our bodies, with the power of our sexuality, the kinds of joy and pleasure we can experience through our bodies.

  • Familiarisation with the BIG DRAW – thanks to this technique, men can learn how working with the pelvic floor and breathing can distribute energy throughout the whole body and thus gain the choice of when (and whether) they wish to ejaculate. They can maintain a high level of energy and, at the same time, relaxation and thus expand the possibilities of experience in the area of their own sexuality.

  • Enriching experience throughout the body through acceptance of CORE TOUCH® holistic sensual massage and we can concurrently gain a very effective tool for transforming, deepening and improving our experience not only in the area of intimacy, but also in the area of life generally.

  • The foundations of working with focus – where our attention goes is where our energy goes. When working with the body, we can direct the released energy so that it supports our personal lives, growth and what we experience in the world.

  • Use of sensuality and sexuality not only as a source of pleasure, but also of energy and healing.

  • Healing – Elimination of old traumas and wounds through working with the body, removal of old blocks so that we make room for new life.

"It was an experience that has changed our life."

Alice a David Kirš

"I fell in love again, and although almost 2 months have passed, it still continues! We left intoxicated and in love and it is amazing that it persevered."

Stáňa Stiborová Mrázková

"My husband asked me the other day, what happened with me. I feel unbelievable peace inside of me, as if the stream of thoughts in my head would stop, and I can finally rest."


"You did more for us in just two days than our sexologist in a whole year."

Jana a Milan

"Denisa helped us to lift our relationship to another level. I am in love with my husband as much as the beginning of our relationship."

"Each time it is different, beautiful, still healing. Both of us have settled our energies (so in a way we are separated, but still DEEPLY TOGETHER), we got rid of that mutual care I'll do it for him, to make him love me, to make him respect me", now it's different. I feel a feminine power / energy / inside me, joy, I emit it."


"How did I feel after the course? Lots of energy and joy for life. I realized what a beautiful woman I have by my side, and I started to appreciate her again. Not even to mention the sex, which is just a miracle."


"The course has helped us TO RESTART OUR MARRIAGE. We love each other, but lately we were both filled with our own truths and prejudice, that we have completely stopped / were not able to communicate with each other. I am overwhelmed with the beauty of long-term relationships, I only want to work on mine ... because THE RELATIONSHIPS FOR LIFE ARE THE SEXIEST ONES!!!"


"My expectations were fulfilled, or rather overfilled. Really, what we experienced there, was for both of us the most intense, the most intimate, the most passionate, the most emotional experience that we ever had, and we have been together since 20 years!"


"Retreat for couples has loaded us with energy, enriched us, taught us many things, strengthened our love and gave it a new perspective ..."

Lukáš Krump

"I reached a greater alignment with my man, more knowledge. It was useful to hear about the difference in behavior of men and women, and especially TO HEAR IT TOGETHER."